Welcome to the ART CHERIE educational platform. This platform is a Moodle based Learning ICT tool developed in the frame of the project ART CHERIE (Achieving and Retrieving Creativity through European fashion Cultural Heritage Inspiration), which contains innovative teaching material for EU designers and students in fashion schools in the specific subjects of garment design and embroidery.

The training toolkit builds upon 2 among 7 training Units that will finally be developed.

The first unit (Unit 1) includes exploration of the research process in design, incorporating context (social, historical, theoretical, processes) and focus on Womenswear.

The second Unit (Unit 5) has been identified as Embroidery to embrace the specific strength of both London College of Fashion -for contents related to education and industrial experience-, as well as the Prato museum archive -for its impressive fabric and embroidery collection.

At the end of the courses there is an online questionnaire asking for your feedback. We would very much appreciate if you complete it, as you will help us improve our work.

Enroll and Enjoy!